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What to do if you find injured or orphaned wildlife


Wildlife that may seem abandoned or injured may not always be so.  When you see a young animal alone, don't jump to the conclusion that it's an orphan - mamma may not be far behind, and if she sees you reaching for her baby, you've got a problem.  Likewise, an injured animal may not understand that you are trying to help. Injured wildlife can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous, so handling of any wildlife (even small mammals and birds) can be potentially dangerous for you and for the animal.

​If you are in the Gig Harbor area, please call us at 206-919-0861.  Gig Harbor Wildlife Rescue is on call 24-hours a day.  Please leave your voicemail when prompted, or text us, we will return your call right away.  You may also contact our partner, Uptown Animal Hospital, 24-hours a day, at 253-851-7387 for immediate medical assistance.

After you call a rescue professional, quietly keep an eye on the injured or orphaned animal until we arrive.  Very often animals will try to leave the area, and we'll need you to try to observe it's movements.   If the animal is in imminent danger of further injury and need to be moved for it's own safety, please do so cautiously and with as little handling as possible.  Remember that your first responsibility is to your own safety.

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